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27 Breathtaking Summer Haircuts for Long Hair

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Summer is coming, and this is this is the ideal opportunity to update your appearance with a gorgeous, fresh haircut. Long hair gives countless style options; this season is all about embracing those laid-back, beachy feelings. There is a summer hairstyle for everyone: straight, wavy, or curly.

Explore these 27 amazing ideas to find yourself enamored with your long locks once more.

Sleek and Radiant Blonde Layers

Nothing says summer quite like radiant, flowing blonde hair. This style features long, sleek layers that add movement and dimension to the hair. Perfect for a day at the beach or a night out, these layers frame the face beautifully, accentuating your features. Pair this look with a light, breezy outfit, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

Effortlessly Chic Brunette Waves

These effortlessly chic brunette waves are perfect for those looking to add a bit of texture and volume to their long hair. The subtle waves give a natural, windswept look that’s ideal for summer outings. Complement this style with a flowing dress or a simple tank top and shorts for a laid-back, stylish appearance.

Face-Framing Layers with Highlights

Face-framing layers with highlights are a fantastic way to brighten up your look. The layers blend seamlessly with the highlights, creating a sun-kissed effect that’s perfect for the summer season. This haircut works well with both straight and wavy textures, offering versatility for any occasion. Try pairing this style with bold, colorful accessories to make your features pop.

Romantic Loose Curls

For a touch of romance, opt for loose curls that cascade down your shoulders. This style exudes a bohemian charm that’s perfect for summer festivals or a casual date night. The loose curls add volume and movement, making your hair look fuller and more dynamic. Combine this look with a floral dress or a flowy top to complete the boho vibe.

Dramatic Dark Layers

Dark layers add a dramatic flair to long hair, giving it depth and richness. This haircut is ideal for brunettes who want to enhance their natural color while adding texture and volume. The layers create a sense of movement, making your hair look lively and full. This style pairs well with both casual and formal outfits, making it incredibly versatile for any summer event.

Voluminous Curly Hair

Embrace your natural curls with this voluminous, curly hairstyle. Perfect for adding body and bounce, this look is all about celebrating the beauty of curly hair. The layers help to distribute the curls evenly, preventing them from becoming too heavy or flat. This style is great for those hot summer days when you want your hair to be as free and fun as you are.

Subtle Highlights and Waves

Subtle highlights paired with gentle waves create a sophisticated and elegant summer look. The highlights add dimension and depth, while the waves give a soft, romantic touch. This style is perfect for those who want a polished yet relaxed appearance. It’s ideal for both day and night events, making it a versatile choice for your summer adventures.

Fresh and Playful Layers

Fresh and playful layers bring a sense of fun and energy to long hair. This haircut adds lightness and movement, making it perfect for the warm summer months. The layers frame the face beautifully, highlighting your best features. Pair this look with a simple tee and jeans for a casual, carefree vibe that’s ready for anything.

Elegant Wavy Layers

For a touch of elegance, opt for wavy layers that add texture and volume to your long hair. This style is perfect for creating a sophisticated, polished look while still maintaining a relaxed summer vibe. The waves add a gentle flow, making your hair look effortlessly beautiful. This haircut works well with both casual and formal attire, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Natural Brunette Waves

Embrace the natural beauty of your brunette hair with these soft, flowing waves. This style highlights the richness of your hair color while adding a touch of texture and volume. The waves create a sense of movement, making your hair look dynamic and full of life. This look is perfect for those who want a simple, understated style that still makes a statement.

Golden Waves

Imagine strolling down a sunlit boulevard with these luscious golden waves cascading down your shoulders. This style is all about soft, flowing curls that enhance the natural volume of your hair. The golden hues give a sun-kissed look that’s both fresh and flattering. Perfect for those who want to keep it simple yet stunning.

Brunette Charm

Embrace the rich depth of this brunette hairstyle. The dark, luxurious waves with subtle highlights add dimension and movement. The slightly tousled look provides a carefree, effortless charm that’s perfect for the summer heat.

Sunlit Strands

Radiate warmth with these sunlit strands that blend lighter highlights into a deeper base. The soft waves add a touch of elegance, making it perfect for summer brunches or evening get-togethers. This style brings out a natural glow and highlights your facial features beautifully.

Messy Chic

For a more relaxed and youthful vibe, try this messy chic style. The layers and tousled curls give off a playful, carefree feel that’s perfect for beach days and spontaneous summer adventures. It’s all about embracing the natural texture of your hair and letting it flow freely.

Radiant Blonde

Go bright with this radiant blonde style. The layers and subtle waves add depth and dimension, making it an excellent choice for summer. This cut is light, breezy, and perfect for catching the summer sun, making you stand out wherever you go.

Soft Curls with Bangs

Add a playful touch with soft curls paired with wispy bangs. This style frames the face beautifully and adds a youthful, vibrant energy to your look. The combination of curls and bangs is ideal for creating a fun and flirty summer appearance.

Subtle Ombre Waves

Embrace the subtlety of ombre waves that transition smoothly from a darker base to lighter tips. This look is perfect for those who want a touch of color without committing to full-on highlights. The waves add a beachy texture, making it ideal for summer.

Natural Freckles and Tousled Hair

This style celebrates natural beauty with tousled waves that look effortlessly chic. The natural freckles add to the carefree, summer vibe. It’s a perfect look for those lazy summer days when you want to look put together without too much effort.

Sun-Kissed Layers

Layers with sun-kissed highlights bring a touch of warmth and brightness to your look. This haircut provides a lot of movement and dimension, making it perfect for showcasing long hair in a vibrant, dynamic way.

Effortless Waves

These effortless waves are all about laid-back elegance. The soft, loose curls give a romantic and dreamy feel, perfect for summer nights and casual outings. This style is low maintenance and easy to recreate with a simple curling wand.

Wavy Layers

Imagine a warm summer breeze gently tousling through your hair. That’s the essence of wavy layers. This style is a harmonious blend of effortless beauty and natural movement. The layers add dimension and volume, making it ideal for those with long hair who want a bit of texture without sacrificing length. This style works beautifully on brunettes, accentuating the depth and richness of their color.

Soft Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are making a major comeback, and for a good reason. They frame the face elegantly, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones. This cut is perfect for those who want a subtle change without committing to a full fringe. The bangs blend seamlessly with long, wavy hair, creating a soft, romantic look.

Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Channel your inner diva with glamorous Hollywood waves. This timeless style is all about volume and shine, perfect for making a statement. The cascading waves are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, making it ideal for special occasions or when you simply want to feel like a star.

Sun-Kissed Beach Waves

For a look that’s effortlessly chic, sun-kissed beach waves are your go-to. This style captures the essence of summer with its carefree, tousled waves that mimic the effect of a day spent by the ocean. It’s perfect for those who love a laid-back, natural look with a hint of sun-kissed color.

Natural Boho Waves

Boho waves are synonymous with free-spirited summer style. This look embraces your hair’s natural texture, enhancing it with loose, carefree waves. It’s perfect for festivals, road trips, or any summer adventure where you want to look effortlessly beautiful.

Subtle Ombre Layers

Ombre isn’t just for short hair. This subtle gradient of color adds depth and dimension to long layers, creating a beautiful transition from dark roots to lighter ends. It’s a great way to add some summer brightness to your look without a full dye job.

Rich Brunette Waves

Deep, rich brunette waves are both sophisticated and timeless. This style is perfect for those who prefer a classic look with a bit of modern flair. The waves add volume and texture, making it ideal for formal occasions or when you want to impress.

Styling Tip: Enhance the shine of your brunette waves with a smoothing serum. This style pairs well with elegant, dark-colored outfits that highlight the richness of your hair.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new hairstyles and embrace the beauty of long hair. From wavy layers to glamorous Hollywood waves, these haircuts offer something for everyone. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles or add your own twist. Remember, the best haircut is one that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Share your favorite styles with us and let us know which look you’re excited to try this summer!

Feel free to save your favorite photos to Pinterest, share them on social media, and comment below on which styles you’re excited to try this season!

Additional Tips for Styling Long Hair:

  • Protect Your Hair: Always use a heat protectant before styling with heat tools.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep your hair moisturized with hydrating masks, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try new accessories or braiding techniques to change up your look.

Embrace the versatility of long hair and enjoy the endless styling possibilities this summer brings!

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